VJ Studio Rentals
VJ Studio Rentals
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Los Angeles Production Trailer Rentals

VJ'S studio equipment rentals was started by Juan Ventura, former employee in the trailer renting movie industry dating back from the 90's. That is where we learned the value of keeping the equipment working properly and looking its best. In return our clients will receive satisfaction of our equipment and continue to utilize our equipment. We look forward to working with you in the near future, in addition our ever growing fleet is ready whenever you need it. Thank you very much in taking the time to know about us.

Feel free to navigate our site, in which you will find our current fleet and its rate schedule. To contact us you may email us directly, or you may always call us. Once again, thanks for viewing our site.

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our new fleet location is in burbank at desmond's storage yard | Tel 818.621.0701 | FAX 818.367.3048